“Green Initiative” at Unisteel

To cut its CO2 emissions, Unisteel has launched a “Green Initiative” and assembled a special team. This team is tasked with implementing specific, quantifiable sustainability projects and integrating the topic of environmental protection into the company’s day-to-day work. Several different projects were already launched at all three Unisteel locations in 2021. The largest of which, the photovoltaic installation at the production facility in Malaysia, will reduce CO2 emissions by around 1,100 tons per year.

Added value

  • Contribution toward realizing the SFS Environmental Roadmap 2025
  • CO2 emissions reduced by more than 1,100 tons per year
  • Numerous in-house measures to reduce electricity, water and waste

In the Electronics division, SFS markets its products under the Unisteel brand. As a specialist for precision engineered components, Unisteel is one of the preferred partners of leading electronics manufacturers around the world. As part of its “Green Initiative”, the company put together a package of measures for CO2 reduction at its two production facilities in Malaysia and Nantong (China) as well as its headquarters in Singapore. Overall, these measures are expected to increase the proportion of renewable energy to more than 50% of the company’s total energy consumption by 2025.

Substantial savings through improved use of resources
In keeping with the “Lean & Green” approach, Unisteel first took advantage of its in-house savings potential. The team implemented two effective projects at the largest SFS plant in Nantong: by re-using the wastewater from the reverse-osmosis plant for cleaning, the company has saved more than 42 million liters of water per year. On top of that, a vacuum pump with a tank has allowed it to reduce its electricity consumption by 76 MWh. Two sustainability projects are also being implemented at the plant in Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Improved waste sorting and the sale of waste to recycling companies have also enabled it to conserve resources and generate additional revenue. At the same time, installing an external water filter has succeeded in substantially reducing the consumption of water filter cartridges. In Singapore, all the lighting has been converted to LED technology, which has saved some 5.6 tons of CO2.

Photovoltaic system of Unisteel in Malaysia

More than 2,700 solar panels in Malaysia
SFS’s first photovoltaic system in Asia, which boasts more than 2,700 panels on six buildings in Malaysia, was inaugurated in January 2022. The system produces 1,720 MWh of renewable electricity per year, thereby saving more than 1,100 tons of CO2. This system’s installation is a milestone and an important contribution toward realizing the SFS Environmental Roadmap 2025. This roadmap calls for the generation of renewable electricity combined with substantial reductions in the CO2 emissions of SFS across the Group’s entire value chain. The photovoltaic system in Malaysia is the first of several such systems planned by Unisteel.

GEORGE_POH_0512199425_1920px George Poh CEO of Unisteel
“We take environmental protection seriously. For us, sustainability is not just a legal obligation, rather something that lends us a competitive edge.”

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